30 July 2021
South Korean Prime Minister joins Clubhouse

South Korean Prime Minister joins Clubhouse

Increasing popularity in recent days Clubhouse, it became a frequent destination for well-known people. Clubhouse application, which is actively used by many politicians in our country, Prime Minister of South Korea also registered.

Clubhouse continues to grow: South Korean Prime Minister also joins

Clubhouse, which Android users have not yet been able to download, managed to reach 8 million people, despite appealing to a limited audience. The practice, which celebrities actively use, has begun to be adopted by political figures.

South Korean Prime Minister also joins Clubhouse app

Offering the opportunity to actively interact with thousands of people, Clubhouse has become a medium where celebrities show off. In the clubhouse event 5 thousand listeners Elon Musk, who broke the record of the application by passing, took place in the world press.

In our country Ahmet Davutoglu, Mustafa Varank and Fahrettin Altun Clubhouse, which includes such politicians as well, is becoming an international political arena. Chung Sye-kyun also created a Clubhouse account.

The application, which offers the opportunity to chat with experts in many fields such as science, technology and politics, comes to the fore with its records. Clubhouse, which comes up with new features every day, will allegedly be available for Android users in the near future.

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