23 July 2021
Soviet adaptation 'Lord of the Rings' appeared 30 years later

Soviet adaptation ‘Lord of the Rings’ appeared 30 years later

JRR Tolkien world famous The Lord of the Rings series In 2001 Peter Jackson It was adapted to the cinema with its signature. The first of these Fellowship of the Ringthe second Two Towers and the final part is Of the king Return was. Considered one of the best movie series of all time, the production in total Oscar Awards in 17 categories achieved.

This great success of The Lord of the Rings in cinema Peter Jackson him the JRR TolkienIt was very important for the popularity of. But the last trilogy Lord of the Rings it was not the first adaptation of the series.

Though not well known, Ring Saga is based on the original story 1978 and 1980He made two animated films in. 1971has been translated into musical for television in Sweden. 1993It was adapted as a mini-series for a Finnish television channel. However, the most curious of these were undoubtedly two special adaptations produced in the Soviet Union. Two movies that have been lost for years 30 years later reappeared.

The Lord of the Rings was adapted for TV as the Guardians

KeepersUnder the name “(Guards) 1985 and 1991 taken in two Lord of the Ring adaptations It was shot at a television studio in Leningrad. It has only been published once so far. Production inspired by JRR Tolkien’s legendary Lord of the Rings books Natalya Serebryakova directed by. The cast and distribution of roles were as follows:

– Viktor Kostetsky (Gandalf)
– Georgy Shtil (Bilbo)
– Valery Dyachenko (Frodo)
– Elena Solovey (Galadriel)

Lord of the Rings

Soviet Union adaptation of The Lord of the Rings

Shot in a very low budget production Lord of the Rings adaptations Of course it should not be compared to Peter Jackson’s trilogy. But still your work Soviet Union version It is considered more faithful to Tolkien’s original material.

The two-part adaptation of Lord of the Rings is on YouTube!

In the soviet period TV adaptation realized Lord of the Rings The reappearance of the series was never expected. While many people think these copies have disappeared; Of russia 5th Channel (Pyatıy Channel) suddenly a two-part television movie YouTube uploaded to the platform for free.

Adaptation of The Lord of the Rings adapted in the Soviet Union first part You can watch it here:

The Lord of the Rings, drawn in Russian the second part is on the board:

But how did you find the Lord of the Rings movies that popped up years later? Of course, it would not be right to compare it with Peter Jackson’s legendary series. However, you can still share your ideas about the production design and details of the film with us.

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