30 July 2021
Spaces Turkey on Twitter!  Bad news to the clubhouse

Spaces Turkey on Twitter! Bad news to the clubhouse

Clubhouse, which has become the most popular application of the last period, to be able to only chat with voice provides. Basically, this application, which seems very simple, gained popularity especially with the effect of the epidemic, and its competitors rolled up their sleeves. In this context, the Twitter Spaces started to be used in our country.

Twitter Spaces is now available

Twitter Spaces currently has the same criteria as Clubhouse: iOS. To open or join any publication you are using an iPhone or iPad is required. However, considering Twitter’s huge audience using Android devices, It will be compatible with both platforms we can say.

To start broadcasting Spaces, simply press and hold the Tweet button after logging into the Twitter application and then click the Spaces option on the side. However, since this feature has spread gradually, it is highly likely that you cannot see this option right now.

Similar to Clubhouse, you can determine the people who will participate in the conversation. To summarize: Clubhouse integrated with Twitter We will see together whether the Spaces feature will be successful or not.

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