1 August 2021
Special doodle for 'International Women's Day' from Google

Special doodle for ‘International Women’s Day’ from Google

Google, March 8, International Women’s Day a special for doodle prepared. The doodle was published with an animation that emphasizes the success of women in daily life and women pioneers in different fields. The animation featured women from many different professions, from artists to scientists, politicians to lawyers.

Recognized by the United Nations in 197 and celebrated annually on 8 March ‘International Women’s Day‘, based on human rights, women’s political, social, economic and so on. aims to celebrate their achievements in matters. In addition, special studies are being carried out today to remind women of the difficulties they face in social life.

Google has prepared a special animation for International Women’s Day

There are many firsts in history in the animation prepared by Google. It includes women voting for the first time, female scientists from around the world, writers, athletes, artists and more. In the entrance of the animation, women are seen raising their hands and holding hands.

Google, prepared by International Women’s Day He also released a statement for his doodle. In the statement, it was stated that the hands that opened the doors for generations were depicted and that these heroes were honored. Reminding that women have achieved many firsts and received awards, Google said that the breaking of molds and the opening of today’s doors depend on this.

google international women's day

Google posted a congratulatory message for the special day at the end of the statement. To the page prepared by Google about doodle from here you can reach.

We also celebrate the 8th of March, International Women’s Day.

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