19 April 2021
Spotify changed the desktop look: Here's the new design

Spotify changed the desktop look: Here’s the new design

Popular music listening application Spotify today Windows and Mac It renewed the desktop design for its devices. The platform, which also changed the look of the web player, introduced its new interface optimized to its users globally.

With the last update Spotify according to the old version more fluid while gaining momentum; same time visually has also become more compact. In-app navigation has been greatly improved. In addition, new control options for playlists, search, radio, podcast and music libraries have come to users.

Spotify desktop and web player is now more practical

Coming with a new desktop and web design Spotify it did not make any radical changes that would immediately be noticeable at first sight. Instead, the app distributed the messy menus and options across different pages. Popular Songs, Weekly Discovery, Daily Mix and New Music Radar If pages like Bookshelf moved to the tab. Again, the search feature by filtering the music came to the same window.

Platform in new design Playlists showed special emphasis for. While the list creation button is added to the built-in search bar; to add parts to existing lists faster drag drop feature drew attention. In addition, additional options such as uploading photos to the lists and writing annotations did not go unnoticed.


Spotify’s desktop application and web player have been renewed.

Confession from Spotify: We haven’t gotten far enough with our desktop app

Announcing its new interface to its users in a blog post, Spotify made a confession that everyone is aware of, but has not been expressed to date. Often the application mobile versions Stating that they are interested in, the company explained that they have not focused enough for the desktop version with the following sentences:

At Spotify, we are always looking for ways to provide the best possible experience. Thus, our listeners are constantly discovering new music and podcast shows. For this, we pay attention to the issue of appearance and functionality. We are constantly testing, developing and launching new features. We optimize for new devices and aim to expand our content offerings. But while dealing with all of this, we felt that our desktop application experience was not progressing enough and it was time for a change.


Spotify’s new Playlist design

The update, which came after a long time, also gave hints that developers will soon be more interested in desktop and web player. The company announced that the new user interface will be available in all regions today.

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