23 July 2021
Spotify's new voice command feature: Hey Spotify!

Spotify’s new voice command feature: Hey Spotify!

Android and iOS users to run voice assistant applications for years.Hey Google“Or”Hey SiriUsing the ”command. Now a similar feature has come to the popular music listening app Spotify. The Swedish-based company is now “Hey SpotifyAnnounced that the application can be opened easily with the command.

Of Spotify hands free wake up word it appeared for the first time last month. The company has activated the expected feature as of today. The new shortcut tool is expected to be announced soon. Car Things thought to be a sign for hardware.

You can now control Spotify with your voice!

Many users around the world today woke up with that notification from Spotify. In the window “Hey SpotifyA text has been shared stating that we can now start using the ”command. Thus, it was made possible for users to start the application instantly by saying those magic words.


Spotify has launched its new voice command feature. (Photos: GSMArena)

New voice command feature it only activates while the app and screen are running. This means that the platform constantly listens to the voice of its users with the artificial intelligence method. However, the company says there is nothing to worry about. Because, according to the privacy policy regarding the use of voice data, Spotify is only wake up word It keeps records of the calls you make when you say.

After running the application with the “Hey Spotify” command, voice calls possible to realize. For example, again, without using your keyboard, only with your voice. artist, album, singles, playlist or podcast you can open it. The company’s built-in voice search service will likely expand further in the future.

“Hey Spotify” feature winked at Car Thing hardware

Repeated news from Spotify will be launched as the platform’s first hardware product Car ThingIt shows that we are now one step closer to. Last week, various render photos of the device appeared. Now is hands-free voice command The activation of the service further strengthened this possibility.

Spotify Car Thing

Spotify Car Thing hardware is coming soon.

The company’s first custom volume control device Spotify Car Thing As the name suggests automobiles designed for. The product, which will serve the drivers to listen to songs or podcasts from Spotify in a comfortable way, is currently under development. However, it is estimated that there is now very little time left for the expected launch.

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