5 August 2021
Standalone APK for pirated content from Telegram

Standalone APK for pirated content from Telegram

Popular messaging platform Telegram now offers an APK version that can be downloaded directly from its website. Google Play StoreIndependent application that will be exempt from the restrictions in, Android Officially released for mobile devices with operating system.

The platform that wants to bring freedom for restricted channels is thus From Google’s pressure aims to get rid of. For restricted channels with pirated content to its visitors “Sorry, this channel cannot be viewed in Telegram app downloaded from Play Store, ”Warning. The company overcame this problem with the APK specially prepared for Android.

Android’s Telegram APK will contain “less restrictions”

The company, which offers a direct download option for the Android platform, emphasized that this version will receive more frequent updates than the version in the Google Play Store. also APK announced that users will have fewer restrictions in the version. But here “less restrictionWhat “means” is a matter of curiosity for now.


Telegram has opened the door to pirated content.

The platform’s “less restriction” is meant by many users. +18 will release contents interpreted in the direction of. In the version where pirated content is somewhat free, users can upload and download unlicensed content as they wish and interact with group members. It will be possible to browse the platform for free without blocking any user and distribution resources. However, it is not known what the content will be subject to restrictions by the company.

How to download Telegram’s free APK?

The Telegram APK, which Android users flock to, can be easily downloaded from the platform’s official website. To download the app independently from the Play Store, simply follow the steps below:

– From your smartphone link open.

İndir Click the button and wait for the process to complete.

Chrome Open the app and Downloads Go to the page.

Telegram APK Install the file and sign in.

What do you think about this APK published by Telegram as an alternative to the version in Play Store? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us.

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