23 July 2021
Starbucks announces support for Bitcoin payments

Starbucks announces support for Bitcoin payments

Famous coffee shop chain from USA Starbucks It will meet its customers with an innovative payment method. The world famous company is soon popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) will start selling with.

Coffee giant Starbucks, cryptocurrency payment application Bakedstarted testing. As of this week, the company is now BTC He said that they would make it possible to pay with. He stated that users can perform this process through Starbucks’ mobile application.

Bakkt application It serves users to convert Bitcoin, earn points, collect passenger miles and cash out gift cards. But with Starbucks support coming soon Starbucks Cards can be easily controlled in practice.

Starbucks shopping with Bitcoin becomes real

Starbucks they do not currently accept Bitcoin as a payment method directly in their shops. But indirectly through the store card. Drinking coffee through BTC made possible. Starbucks’ global vice president of payments Karl Hebert He made the following statement on the subject:

Bakkt has started working with us to develop a unique and reliable payment experience that converts the value of customers’ digital assets into US dollars. We are excited that customers now have the opportunity to use Bakkt to top up their cards.


More than 500 thousand users were included in the test program

Paying with Bitcoin is becoming more common every day. Baked, already More than 500 thousand Starbucks users He said he included it in the trial program. When the testing process will end remains uncertain for now.


Similar news came from Tesla last month. Famous entrepreneur Elon Muskcustomers are now Bitcoin with Tesla He announced that he could buy a car. The new payment method that can be used in the United States at the end of the year surprised everyone.

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