1 August 2021
Starlink internet speed takes flight-ShiftDelete.Net

Starlink internet speed takes flight-ShiftDelete.Net

Elon Musk’a ait SpaceX, “Space internet” It would increase the speed of Starlink, called it. The company, which has switched to trial tests in the past months, has now increased the internet speeds of users in the USA. Starlink, breaking the previous month’s record 200 Mbps reached up to speed.

in February Elon Musk, He stated that SpaceX will send more rockets into space, the coverage area will be expanded and the internet speed will also be increased. New information shows that Elon Musk is keeping his word.

Starlink internet speed doubled in 3 months

USA based broadcasting Wccftech according to the news by, Starlink speed of internet service, 200Mbps’ye reaching a new record. Although this result is still in the experimental phase, it has been recorded as a remarkable data about Starlink’s performance.


Starlink internet speed reached 200Mbps.

Starlink speed in February 100 Mbit / s was. At the end of February, this figure 130 Mbit’e reached. Now is Elon Musk The speed of the internet after their promises 200 Mbit’e broke a new record on the basis of. In addition, with these results, the company HughesNet and ViaSAT also left behind.

Starlink will spread all over the world in the coming days

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced the Starlink satellite Internet service project in January 2015. The internet project, which was intended especially for those living in rural and remote areas, has now reached a different dimension and started to cover more areas.

According to reports SpaceX, more than 1300 to date Starlink launched the satellite. These satellites also provided broadband service to some regions such as the USA, Canada, and the UK.

Mustak stated that in the coming days, Starlink will expand all over the world with more coverage. However, it should be noted that the numbers are a bit high on the price side. Users in the US are currently paying $ 99 for this service. When we calculate in terms of Turkish lira, these figures correspond to 800 TL. This shows that many people in our country cannot easily get Starlink.

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