21 April 2021
Starship SN10 exploded after a successful landing

Starship SN10 exploded after a successful landing

Part of a prolonged mission to the Moon and Mars Starship’in 10. testi was carried out. SpaceX SN10 Starshiphe performed a flawless task during take-off and landing. However, an unexpected event occurred shortly after landing.

Starship SN10 experienced an unexpected end

SpaceX, SN10 after last second cancellation on first launch He launched the Starship 10 kilometers above the earth and made a high altitude test flight. The SN10 maneuvers more smoothly than previous tests, Boca ChicaLanded softly on the pad in TX without bursting.

Just minutes after the Starship SN10 landed and SpaceX ended its live stream, a very strange incident happened. SN10 burst through the pad, joining its other predecessors.

NASASpaceflight, Elon Musk‘s own cameras “honorable evacuationRecorded the event he said and on his Twitter account A magnificent view of the Starship SN10’s Fast Unplanned Dismantling (RUD) after landing after Wednesday’s test flight. ” with note shared.

The sharing, which attracted attention in a short time, surprised the space enthusiasts. Scene to an eventful test Starship SN10 No official statement has yet been made as to why the prototype exploded. But SpaceXis expected to make an announcement on the issue in the near future.

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