30 July 2021
Statement from the BluTV founder about children's content

Statement from the BluTV founder about children’s content

BluTV founder Aydın Doğan YalçındağWith a statement made on his personal Twitter account, he gave the good news for children’s content. Of the new category Stating that it will become accessible soon, Yalçınday shared a screenshot of children’s content.

BluTV will be released with children’s content soon

In 2015 BluTV, which started broadcasting and became one of the most used video content platforms in our country, draws attention with its new projects and collaborations. The platform we interviewed as ShiftDelete.Net family in the past weeks gave some clues about the category of children.

BluTV children's content

American media company Discovery The platform, whose number of users has increased rapidly after its cooperation with, will appear with a new category for families with children. Masha serisi, Rabbit School, Two Tails ve Coconut The Litthe Dragon The category, in which world-famous cartoons such as such, will take place, managed to attract the attention of users.

Commenting on the new category, Aydın Doğan Yalçındağ said, “To begin with, we are opening the Kids category with more than 400 hours of content very soon. ”Used expressions.

It is not yet known whether the company will prepare special content for the children’s category. However, BluTV, which wants to reach a better place in the field of new media, is expected to come up with special content for children.

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