18 April 2021
Steve Jobs job application form sold for the second time- ShiftDelete.Net

Steve Jobs job application form sold for the second time- ShiftDelete.Net

Eski Apple CEO’s Steve Jobs The job application form was sold by auction for the second time. How much has Jobs’ job application form sold for, known as the man who changed the course of the technology world?

Steve Jobs’ 40-year job application sold again

One of the successful entrepreneurs Steve Jobs, Apple’ı He had filled out a job application form before establishing it. 1973 This form, which belongs to the year, got its new buyer at the auction in London today.

This document, prepared by Steve Jobs, dates back to Apple’s establishment. Set out in hopes of getting a job after leaving Redd College Jobsreceived a positive response in this application he made, and Atari’ye was appointed as a technician. Here as a major ””English litThe entrepreneur also stated here his special knowledge such as “electronic technology” and “design engineering”. If later 1976 in the year Steve Wozniak Joining forces with, Jobs founded Apple, one of today’s largest companies.

Now Jobs’s very old job application form is being auctioned for the second time. Three years ago 175 bin from dollars received its recipient, the document is still 220 bin 400 sold for the second time with a dollar price tag.

Steve Jobs

Job application document made by Steve Jobs to Atari

Steve Jobs’ application form still remains in structure. Written years ago, this document is still in very good condition and its upper edges are protected by transparent bands. However, it is worth noting that there is some painting on the texts.

This document, which has existed for more than 40 years, has lost its vitality with the passage of time. Therefore, the document submitted for auction went through a little thickening and painting processes before it was put up for sale.

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