18 April 2021
Striking claim for Huawei P50: Android will not come out

Striking claim for Huawei P50: Android will not come out

Unable to use Google services for a long time due to the US embargo, Huawei is preparing to bring the P50 series to users. A new claim has been made for the P50 series, which is expected to be introduced towards the end of this month and consist of three models.

Huawei P50 will be out of the box with HarmonyOS

Already P40, Mate 30 and MatePad with models HarmonyOS 2.0 Beta Continuing the process, Huawei will offer the operating system preloaded. that the first smartphone will be the P50 specified.

Although some sources claim that the Android operating system will never be on the device, we do not take this claim into consideration. Our guess is that at least in many regions, the device that comes out of the box with Android will also have HarmanyOS support.

huawei p50 harmonyos

At this point, it is worth highlighting an important detail: Huawei P50 will not be the first phone to use the HarmonyOS operating system; Released from Huawei’s production facilities in China with the HarmonyOS operating system first phone it will be.

Huawei P50 pre-smartphone users will be able to install HarmonyOS on their phones like a simple OS update. The company is expected to gradually distribute the HarmonyOS update to its phones in April, starting with flagships.

Besides smartphones, the HarmonyOS operating system smart TVs, smart watches, cars mainly Internet of Things (IoT) It will be able to work in full compatibility with its devices. Huawei will support HarmonyOS worldwide by the end of the year. 300-400 million waiting to be running on the device.

New Petal services are on the way

Huawei does not just have its own operating system; it also improves its digital services for use in the operating system. In the product range of the Chinese technology giant, which has brought users together with many services until now under the name of Petal brand Petal Haritalar, Petal Search and Petal Docs services.

The company, which came to the agenda with new services, Petal Mail and Petal Translate It is known to have developed two more services, namely. However, it is worth noting that these services are still in beta.

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