21 April 2021
Striking detail in Xiaomi Mi Mix: Liquid lens

Striking detail in Xiaomi Mi Mix: Liquid lens

Xiaomi, 29 Martnew generation flagships in We 11 Dec and as it prepares to launch the Mi 11 Ultra, it made a surprise announcement. According to the company’s new plan, next week Mi Mix will also introduce the smart phone named.

As known Mi Mix nickname usually Xiaomifor more experimental smartphones. An example of this is Mi Mix Alpha.

Xiaomi is going on a new road with the liquid lens experimentally.

It is currently unknown how the new Mi Mix will look as a result of the announcement. But Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, Weibo’da Mi Mix’in with liquid lens announced that it will be the first smartphone to come with a camera.

According to Jun, Xiaomi’s self-developed liquid lens, “It will be able to control the shape of the liquid spherical surface through a motor to achieve precise and fast focus. At the same time, the lens will be able to resist high light transmission, ultra-low dispersion and extreme environments.

In practical terms, such a lens has both a macro as well as a telephoto It is thought to act as a lens.

Android Centralaccording to Mi Mix most likely it will be a foldable smartphone and just like the Xiaomi Mi 11 series Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 will be powered by the processor. Finally, although it is almost certain that the Mi Mix will be a powerful phone, let’s point out that there is no information about the other features.

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