30 July 2021
Striking nuclear power commentary from Bill Gates

Striking nuclear power commentary from Bill Gates

Microsoft’a founder and world famous billionaire Bill Gates, He made striking statements about nuclear energy. For a while Microsoft’ta Famous billionaire who is not actively involved. He is committed to the foundation he founded and to environmental problems. Finally a CNBC’de subject to a program Gates, especially nuclear energy He made statements about. Gates According to the world is obliged to nuclear energy.

Bill Gates: nuclear power is better than coal and gas

Bill Gates’e According to him, he should get rid of his bad habit gained by nuclear energy, atomic bombs and radioactive disasters. In addition, stating that the need for energy increases day by day Gates“It is very difficult for clean energy to meet this need. Bill Gates nuclear He added that the work in the field of technology made nuclear especially more efficient, cheaper and safer. However, it is worth mentioning that he is a great investor in the works in this field. Famous billionaire, TerraPwer Investor and founder of the nuclear energy company named.

In the description nuclear energy coal oil and from natural gas He also stated that it is safer. The billionaire, who defends this view with the tables, said that coal particles and exploding pipelines caused more deaths than the energy produced. In addition, the damage to the environment is much less in this type of reactor.


The cost of nuclear reactors decreases

New reactors, liquid instead of water to cool the core at a lower pressure sodium in use. This helps prevent melting and makes the plant smaller. These engineering solutions while driving down the cost, allows easier installation. Bill Gates, nuclear He also said that he wanted people about energy to be more open-minded.

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