18 April 2021
Studies are underway for Xbox controller problems

Studies are underway for Xbox controller problems

Xbox controllers has always come to the fore with its ergonomics. It has a design that does not tire your hands much even during long use. Of course, this situation can vary from user to user. There may also be users who find the Xbox controller design strange. Especially left analog The above can disturb people who have not used an Xbox controller before. No matter how good the controller designs are, there has always been a problem.

Microsoft trying to fix problems with Xbox controllers

As a new generation console Xbox Series X ve S controllers come up with a number of errors. It is stated that users have the same problem. Some users report that they experience no response when pressing the controller buttons. The problem is Xbox him the PC it affects the players who use it. Xbox Series X and S Players using their controllers stated that they had problems on both platforms.

Xbox controllers

Microsoft, IGNHe sent a notification to stating that he was investigating the problem and working on a fix. Microsoft’s statement:

Microsoft Ş., we put all our products through quality assurance tests and are committed to providing customers with a unique gaming experience. We are aware that some players are experiencing unresponsiveness with the new Xbox Wireless Controllers, and our teams are actively working on a solution. For the best experience Xbox Destek We invite you to visit the page. “

It is not clear what kind of problem lies behind these dysfunctional problems. If it’s a software bug Microsoft will fix this shortly.. Nevertheless, users who are experiencing problems Xbox Destek It needs to reach from the page.

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