30 July 2021
Stunning report on emoji variety from Adobe

Stunning report on emoji variety from Adobe

US-based graphics and media software company Adobe published a remarkable research report on emoji diversity. The data obtained are 83 percentshowed that the emoji characters of his reputation can be represented in a more inclusive way.

Approximately half of the participants in the survey, which included 7 thousand people in total, shared that they felt that their identities adequately reflect their current emoji characters. Disabled users but only 37 percentsaid that the current emojis represent their personalities. In addition, the majority of the participants expressed that they believe that emojis are an important communication tool, despite many shortcomings.

In Adobe’s report covering emoji users, 78 percentHe said more customization options should be added. Among the main shortcomings in emojis, hairstyles, hair colors, accessories, body type and eye color Options such as options are listed.

Adobe rolls up its sleeves for new emojis

As a result of his report, who want to expand the emoji library more Adobe company Emojination emphasized its partnership with. The two companies stated that they will fill up important shortcomings such as interracial relations, headscarves and local clothing.


Emojination’s co-founder Jennifer Lee said they care a lot about Adobe’s support; At the same time, he expressed that their collaboration for character representations was seen as very fruitful. Also again Adobe collaborate with The Emoji Story He announced that they will continue to support the development of new emojis that will encompass everyone globally through virtual screenings, community events, workshops and more.

Apple has also been steadily increasing its own emoji characters since 2015. The emoji library created by the company covers a wide range of active origins, as well as representing different relationships and gender identities.

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