18 April 2021
Super AMOLED surprise from Xiaomi to the middle segment

Super AMOLED surprise from Xiaomi to the middle segment

Middle segment sales figures Standing out with, Xiaomi continues its work. Redmi Note 10 There has been a lot of speculation about him before. However, the firm’s Hindistan CEO‘water brought a formal clarification to the issue. CEO Manu Kumar Jain in Redmi Note 10 series Super AMOLED panel stated that it will be used.

Considering that the best-selling series of the Chinese manufacturer is the Redmi Note, the change on the screen side seems to satisfy many users.

Xiaomi CEO confirms Note 10 series to use Super AMOLED panel

Personal Twitter from account official announcer CEO Manu Kumar JainOn Redmi Note 10 series smartphones SuperAmoled panelin stated that it will be used. Expectations Note 10, Note 10 Pro and Note 10 Pro Max In the form of three models to come. But, which models will come with the new panel There is no exact information about it.

In addition to the Super AMOLED panel Redmi Note 10 Some information about it was also leaked. Smart phone, its power From Snapdragon 678 processor will take. 48 Megapixels phone with main camera in resolution, 6.43 inç FHD+ users will appear with a screen.

Note 10 Pro model 6 / 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage expected to arrive with. In addition, in the Pro model, the processor Snapdragon 750G There is also a possibility of it.

All information except Super AMOLED leak It is useful to remind that. Official features, on March 4, when the device will be introduced will emerge.

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