19 April 2021
Support from Zynga to women in the gaming industry

Support from Zynga to women in the gaming industry

Game developer Zynga from the Social Impact Fund on International Women’s Day for women who write code Support of $ 100,000 committed to give. Huge amount of financing is provided Girls Who Code non-profit organization, women in technology aims to increase awareness about the

A study by The Gurdian last year, in the UK women only have a 28% share in the game development industry laid out. It is a known fact that this rate does not change much in almost every part of the world. However, Zynga wants to change that. Company Until 2030 He announced that he will do his best to close the current gender gap.

Zynga wants to end male domination in the gaming industry

Zynga’s chief legal officer Phuong Phillips She wants to expand opportunities for little girls and women around the world. Authorized for this Girls Who Code kuruluşu While explaining that they are in cooperation with; He expressed their full support to create a more comprehensive industry in the world of technology and games. In the continuation of Phillips’ statement, the company’s future plans are summarized as follows:

Virtual workshops, school clubs, mentoring programs, networking and more… We want to help women prepare and develop for the technology workforce. There is an incredible women’s group at the Zynga company. We are already doing a lot to support our studios and employees around the world. It is very important that we take positive steps that will help strengthen the future of our industry in the coming years.


A similar comment is the CEO of the Girls Who Code organization. Dr. Tarika Barrettalso came from. Experienced name On International Women’s Day He emphasized the meaning of receiving such support. At the same time, women of all ethnic backgrounds are at the top a more just and equitable workforce expressed his hopes for

In addition, yesterday, another game platform other than Zynga declared its support for Girls Who Code. To the establishment $ 250,000 promising Entainshared that they share this goal in order for women to be in the same position with men in the industry.

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