23 July 2021
Surprise development about the Boeing 737 MAX

Surprise development about the Boeing 737 MAX

General Directorate of Civil Aviation (SHGM), prohibited from flying around the world Boeing 737 Max for aircrafts Airworthiness Directive (UED) published. Airlines that comply with these directives Boeing B737-8 Max ve B737-9 He will be able to fly with his planes.

As you remember, in 2019, the flight control system production defects The Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, which were involved in two consecutive fatal accidents, were suspended due to the problems they caused. Planes, whose flights are banned all over the world, are getting ready to fly again after 2 years.

Boeing 737 MAX is in the skies again

The Boeing company continues to work diligently so that the 737 MAX planes, which have been held in hangars for more than two years, can fly again. The period we passed as a result of these efforts, USA and European Union It gave flight permits for 737 MAX planes.

Now is Turkey, It accelerated its preparations for the banned planes to resume flights. SGHM, which took a step towards the resumption of airplanes, made a statement on the official website.

On the subject SGHM His statement on the official website is as follows:

“Airworthiness Directive (UED-2021/0001), which includes the Processes Required to be Applied Before Restarting Boeing B737-8 and B737-9 MAX Type Aircraft, has been published.

As is known, after two fatal accidents on October 29, 2018 and March 10, 2019, the flights of Boeing B737-8 and B737-9 MAX planes were stopped in our country on March 12, 2019, as in the whole world.

Later, in order to put the relevant aircraft back into service, the Boeing company, the owner of the aircraft design, and the US Aviation Administration (FAA) carried out studies with the aviation authorities of the country where our country is in service, regarding the necessary measures and actions to be taken.

In this context, as a result of the studies carried out, the Airworthiness Directive (UED-2021/0001) in the Annex was prepared by our General Directorate.

In this context, the re-commissioning of Boeing B737-8 and B737-9 MAX type aircrafts at the relevant operators of our country, provided that the aforementioned Airworthiness Directive (UED) is implemented, has been deemed appropriate by our General Directorate.

It is announced to the public with respect. “

737 max plane crashes

The Boeing 737 MAX was withdrawn from flights, involved in two fatal accidents.

In the statement published by the DGCA, within the scope of the Airworthiness Directive training of pilots, software updates, operational and maintenance manual changes Airline companies will be able to re-air the Boeing B737-8 MAX and B737-9 MAX type aircrafts in case of realization of 15-item transactions.

The first crash of Boeing 737 MAX passenger plane on 29 October 2018 In indonesia happened and in this accident 189 the person had lost his life. The second accident on March 10, 2019, Of Ethiopia happened on the way from the capital city of Addis Ababa to Nairobi and 157 the person had lost his life.

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