6 August 2021
Surprise partnership from Samsung and LG

Surprise partnership from Samsung and LG

MTN, ETNews and Seoul Economic DailyAccording to new reports from Samsung Electronics, LG Displaymillions of OLED TV preparing to order the panel.

According to the allegations that have emerged, the authorities met and made the relevant agreement recently. Under this agreement, LG Display, Samsung in the second half of the year 1 millionif next year 4 million aims to supply panels.

LG will supply millions of panels to Samsung

If the deal is concluded Samsung, YOU ARE panels from its South Korean competitor and market leader for the first time. As is known, Samsung came out of the OLED TV market more than five years ago.

In addition, as is already known, LG DisplaySony as well as LG Electronics, Vizio and Hisense provides OLED panels to various TV manufacturers such as.

Last year LG Display, YOU ARE announced the expansion of production lines and market research company TrendForcestated that the production capacity will increase further in the second quarter of this year. MTN LG Display’s total OLED TV panel production capacity is approximately 8 million reported that the unit.

The emerging reports are that Samsung is currently using in its television series. LCD considered as the last indication of his departure from the panels. Samsung’s QLED TVEven his’ s still use LCD panels behind the quantum dot layer.

As you remember last year Samsung DisplayAnnounced that it will halt LCD panel production in the face of fierce price competition from Chinese competitors. However, it was reported that after the pandemic caused an increase in demand, it would delay this suspension.

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