1 August 2021
Suzuki and Subaru announce they will suspend production

Suzuki and Subaru announce they will suspend production

One of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers Ford, Nissan, Volkswagen ve Toyata had stopped producing the chip. As the chip problem in the market continues in full swing, a new explanation is also Subaru and Suzuki came from their companies. Due to the shortage of microchips in the automotive sector, these two companies decided to stop production this time.

Suzuki temporarily halts production at two factories

Suzuki MotorIs suspending production in 2 of its 3 factories in Japan due to the shortage of chip supply. The company stated that there were also problems in the supply of some parts. Japanese automaker, as of today In Shizuoka Prefecture suspends the production of two factories.


It stops production in the Shizuoka area.

Suzuki’s domestic production of passenger cars found 940,000 vehicles in the fiscal year ending March 2020. Two factories in Shizuoka produce about 80 percent of the automaker’s production. Sagara factory in Shizuoka area Swift and Solio when producing compact cars such as models; Kosai factory Jimny and Kei produces models.

Subaru to suspend production between April 10 and 27

Japanese manufacturer Subarudue to chip crisis Between 10 and 27 April Yajima announced that it will close its facility. The company added that its impact on the group’s financial results is uncertain. However, the company said it will restart all production lines at the factory in Gunma state from May 10.


It suspends production at the Yajima factory in Gunma Province.

Yajima factory, Legacy Sedan ve Forester SUV manufactures some of the automaker’s popular models, including

In our country, companies that stopped production due to the chip crisis Oyak Renault, TofaƟ and Ford Otosan happened. It is not yet known when the chip crisis will end and how the automotive industry will be affected by this situation. So how do you think the chip crisis in the world will end and how will automotive manufacturers get out of this process? We are waiting for your opinion.

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