23 July 2021
Technology company Razer is on the agenda with RGB hair dye

Technology company Razer is on the agenda with RGB hair dye

We are familiar with player-oriented devices and equipment. Razer He made an interesting attempt. The company, known for its products such as notebook computers, keyboards, mice and headsets, is this time hair dye developed.

Why did Razer dye hair?The company has an answer to those who think ”. A company that prepares a paint for the players, By combining patented RGB technology with the magic of nanotechnology carried to mobile devices. To summarize briefly, the product in question points to an innovative technology where you can change the color of your hair from your smartphones.

Razer turns your hair into a rainbow

Rapunzel Chroma The new Razer hair dye, announced under the name of 1,337 active ingredients contains. These include ingredients such as chamomile extract, radiant, alcohol, EDTA Tetrasodium and Hi-Potion.

The product, which offers a long-lasting color guarantee, makes it possible to customize each wire separately. Paint compatible for all hair types and textures 16.8 million color options owner. The method of applying Rapunzel Chroma to hair is as follows:

– Step 1: Apply the dye directly to the hair. Rinse after 30 minutes. Perform this process in the shower or tub for minimal clutter.
– Step 2: After rinsing, your hair can now be controlled from the Razer Synapse app.
– Step 3: More than 16 million colors and extensive effects collection can be applied instantly.

Razer hair dye is also assertive that it is unlike other products on the market. For Rapunzel Chroma, Integration with Razer’s other products works within. Every single vibration from the devices causes the hair strands to shine.

Currently only Instagram filter available

If you want the truth, Razer’s new product is actually From the fool of April 1 consists of. But the company explains this technology so consistently that it’s impossible not to believe it. However, the company, which does not want to disappoint its users, has a Instagram filter has published.

Augmented reality filter become the center of attention with RazerAlthough, the so-called hair dye cannot be included in your life, it appears in your Instagram stories for now. To use the effect immediately, to the link it will be enough to click.

Razer hair dye

Razer Chroma RGB filter has been added to Instagram.

All these fake advertising work by Razer is just April 1, World Joke Daymade to make your ‘more fun. But cyberpunk (high tech, low life) in the future There is no reason why such a technology could not be implemented. so you Chroma RGB hair dye Would you like to see it or use it in real life? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us.

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