5 August 2021
Technology giants to solve the chip crisis in the White House

Technology giants to solve the chip crisis in the White House

White House, global chip crisis plans to hold a meeting about. Among the companies that will participate Samsung, TSMC, Alphabet, ATT&T and Ford There will be such important companies. Apple the company’s processor supplier, although not at the meeting TSMC to be represented by.

CNBCAccording to the report of, the top executives of the big technology giants, the US administration chip, battery and medical supplies It will take place at the summit where it tries to investigate the shortcomings of basic supply chain materials such as.

White House worried about chip crisis

Coronavirus due to the epidemic Asian based chip suppliersis unable to keep up with the growing demand for chips from various industries, such as many auto brands and smartphone manufacturers. The US is also concerned about national security due to its advanced chip supply. US executives are afraid of the gap in the supply chain, as the chip is dependent on other countries.

White House Although not explicitly stated, it is increasingly ChinaBeing more dependent on it has also become a hot topic. At the summit, it was reported that the President’s plan would cover how the US chip supply chain could be strengthened. In February, the president of the United States to increase chip production. 37 billion dollars He had announced that he would create a fund of the size of it.

chip crisis

The White House is planning a meeting on the global chip crisis.

Among the companies actually participating in the summit Alphabet (Google), AT&T, Cummins, Dell, Ford, General Motors, Global Foundries, HP, Intel, Medtronic, Micron, Northrop Grumman, NXP, PACCAR, Piston Group, Samsung, SkyWater Technology, Stellantis ve Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) takes place.

In addition, part of the US policy in the chip area is based on alliance. Earlier this month Nikkei According to the news, USA and JapanThere are claims that will collaborate in supply chains for critical components such as chips. It is stated that the two sides are targeting a system where production is not concentrated in certain regions such as Taiwan.

By the way Chinawith his moves self-sufficiency trying to reach. Over the past few years, China has large investments and tax breaks tried to strengthen it with such incentives.

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