23 July 2021
Tencent's Timi Studio stands out with its 2020 income

Tencent’s Timi Studio stands out with its 2020 income

Based in china Tencenthas been investing in game developers around the world for years. With the right investments, Tencent has become the richest gaming company in the world. Call of Duty Mobile and Honor of Kings behind games like Timi Studio 2020’of He made $ 10 billion. If this report by Reuters is true, Timi Studio has earned the title of the world’s largest game developer.

Timi Studio has been named the biggest game developer

A popular game company Electronic Artsmarket value of 5.5 billion dollars. Another popular game company Ubisoftmarket value of and 1.8 billion dollars. These two companies are among the most popular game companies on the market and their market value is obvious. As such Timi StudioThe profit made in 2020 makes him the world’s largest game developer.

Tencentthe developer who made the most money for Timi Studiolaid a solid foundation for developing big-budget PC games. For Timi Studio, Sony‘nin PlayStation, Nintendo‘now Switchand Microsoft‘a XboxExamples such as’ ı were given. Tencent from mobile games last year Earned $ 23 billion. 23 billion dollars of income Timi Studio for 10 billion dollars. created. Tencent last month Weapon and DayZ’developer of Bohemiainvested in. Tencent has become the world’s largest video game company by investing in other companies in the European game market. Tencent’s current market value is 73 billion dollars.

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