30 July 2021
Tesla deals with former employee accused of stealing

Tesla deals with former employee accused of stealing

Tesla, He signed an agreement to pay compensation with a former engineer he accused of stealing autopilot source codes. The engineer admitted that he had received the source codes, but said he had never used them.

Tesla agrees with his former engineer on compensation

Electric car manufacturer Tesla and old Tesla engineer Cao Huangzhi, of the company otopilot Agreed on the charge of stealing the source code. An engineer focused on autonomous driving technology High, ReutersIn his statement to Tesla He stated that he has never used the source code since he parted ways with.

Tesla agreed with the-stealing-ex-employee

2019’da Cao’nun Teslarival of XMotorsAfter his move to, the American firm filed a lawsuit against its former engineer. Tesla, Cao’s trade secrets, and in particular otopilot accused of stealing source code of driver assistance software. Early on in the case, the company cited software as the most valuable gem of the firm’s intellectual property portfolio.

XMotorsswitched to work on automatic driving technology High, 2018 in the year TeslaMultiple downloads containing source codes while working on zip file iCloud admitted that he uploaded it to his account. Source codes XMotorsThe engineer, who insisted that he never used it in his work, continued the same insistence today.

on the other hand XMotors, ReutersIn his statement to Highconfirmed that he is no longer working with the company. Stating that it respects intellectual property rights, “Cao Tesla and has to pay to the company according to the terms of the agreement, ”he said. No explanation came from either party for the terms and details of the agreement. For this reason, your engineer TeslaIt is not clear how much he will pay to.

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