19 April 2021
Tesla faces another investigation

Tesla faces another investigation

American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), alleged accident while using autopilot Tesla brand launched an investigation regarding the automobile. So in the last weeks Tesla The number of accidents involving vehicles increased to three.

A special team formed for Tesla accidents

ABD’nin Michigan in the state of Tesla Model Y crash into a military cruiser, the vehicle at the time of the incident Tesla with advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) dissolved It was stated that. While nobody was hurt in the accident, the local government your autopilot He decided to launch an investigation to determine what role he played in the accident.

A spokesperson said in a statement, “NHTSA, Michigan, Lansing a near Tesla aware of the incident with the vehicle. To investigate the accident consistent with the administration’s prudent supervision and its solid mandate over the safety of all motor vehicles and equipment, including automated technologies formed a special team“He used expressions.


Similar accidents, which will be investigated by federal investigators, have recently Houston and Detroit It is similar to the accidents that occurred. The accidents in question were also investigated, and any effect of the autopilot in the accident in Detroit is not had been said. For the accident in Houston, the final decision is yet not given.

Those who do not comment because they dissolved their press office and did not respond to media requests. Tesla, customers in the past your autopilot He warned that it is not an autonomous driving system and that constant attention should be paid to the road during use. Before a Tesla as a result of the owner hitting a stopped vehicle two people lost their lives and the firm said it could not make sense to it.

Likewise, the company Tesla giving the wrong impression that their vehicles are autonomous and do not require drivers to pay attention to the road. Total Self-Driving a named otopilot recently released the beta version. CEO of the company that increased the number of people who have access to beta software Elon Musk, “Be careful though, the system is only maturing,” he urged drivers to be cautious.

However, security advocates, Tesla he described his decision to test driver assistance software on his customers as irresponsible. The Associated Press to your news According to the executive director of the Automobile Safety Center, he accused Tesla of deliberately misleading the public about the capabilities and shortcomings of its technologies.

Source: TheVerge

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