4 August 2021
Tesla is involved in another fatal accident

Tesla is involved in another fatal accident

Appearing in the market with its electric and autonomous cars Tesla, one accidentor more confused. Recently in the USA 2 people graves the driverless car, this time involved in a fatal accident in China.

Recently Tesla lived in cars brake and autopilot After the problems of the company increased, serious reactions came to the company. In fact, a Tesla owner at the Shanghai auto show that took place recently, “Tesla brakes not workingSaying mess had intermixed.

One person died in Tesla accident

The accident that took place yesterday evening, Guangzhou Zengcheng Polisi announced by. As a result of the vehicle accident engine flame received and 1 personnin lost his life specified. The cause of the accident has not been explained precisely, but the informations Tesla car is located on the side of the road while trying to overtake a vehicle in front of to concrete bridge claimed to have hit.

The company, which has recently been criticized for allegedly not dealing with the problems of consumers, Chinese officialsby contacting 100 percent cooperation promised to do. For the moment, whether the vehicle has an accident due to its “autopilot” feature or for another reason. exact as Unknown. More new information will emerge in the coming days.


A view from the area where the car crashed

The accident that took place in China brought to mind the events that took place before. Especially 3 days ago Taking place in the USA and Death of 2 peoplewhat caused the accident, the cars otopilot in the properties problem There had been allegations.

Making a statement after these allegations Elon Muskby explaining that the autopilot feature of the vehicle was not activated at the time of the accident. he denied the allegations. In addition, Musk explained that for the autopilot feature to be activated, there must be lanes on the road, and there are no lanes where the accident occurred.

What do you think of these accidents, do Tesla cars really have a chronic problem? We are waiting your comments.

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