4 August 2021
Tesla owner confuses Shanghai auto show

Tesla owner confuses Shanghai auto show

Standing out with its electric and autonomous cars Teslafaced a shocking protest. Tesla Model 3 owner the woman learned to be the agent brakeBecause of the problem in their that you had an accident claiming the auto show mixed together.

The company has been seriously reacting to accidents involving its cars recently. Especially otopilot Recently, a new one was added to the accidents that occurred due to its feature. In the accident happened 2 person He had lost his life.

Tesla owner claims that the vehicle’s brakes are not engaged

Angry Tesla owner, Chinese on auto show taking place ” Faulty brake control He plunged into the fairground with his t-shirt that wrote. Located on the stands Model 3The woman who stood on one of the ‘s, “Tesla brakes not working ‘‘he started shouting.

The woman who was neutralized by the security guards in a short time, “Disrupting public orderHe was taken into custody on the grounds of ”. Although security guards tried to prevent visitors from recording these moments, many images emerged.

The woman, a few times before Tesla it turned out that he was protesting his cars. He was kept under custody for 5 days and his name ”ZhangThe woman, who was learned to be ”, was later released.

After this incident, the reactions to the company grew like an avalanche, while the Chinese State television CCTVHe called for the alleged brake problems to be investigated. Moreover, CCTV claimed that Tesla was not sincere in solving the problems faced by consumers.

After the reaction intensified, Tesla apology description of published. The company said in a statement “ZhangHe acknowledged that the complaints of the woman named “had to be considered before. The company has also recently increased due to increased braking problems. operations and services. announced that he will review.

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