14 April 2021
Tesla stuck at the Chinese government's hurdle

Tesla stuck at the Chinese government’s hurdle

China management of military and government personnel, referring to a potential security risk arising from data collection. Tesla the brand prohibits the use of vehicles.

Tesla claims to send Chinese military records to the United States

The Wall Street Journal’ın to your news according to electric car manufacturer Tesla, for data security reasons Of china it is banned in the government and military wing. Alleged decision, Tesla It came after a security review in which its outdoor cameras confirmed its ability to continuously record images. Pekin The biggest concern of the government is that the images in question To usa worry that it could be sent back.


thus Tesla, As the two countries come together to continue trade negotiations, ABD with China was the last company to be faced with an ongoing trade dispute between Turkey. Your country Tesla and despite its adoption of electric vehicle production President of China Xi Jinping, He made attempts to divert his country from foreign technology to encourage domestic enterprises. on the other hand Tesla the decision against, Washington’un smartphone manufacturer that it sees as a potential security risk Huawei seems to reflect US restrictions on Chinese companies, including

Also, considering how government decisions resonate with other industries, Tesla Its growth in China could be strained. For Tesla, Closing the year 2020 with profit, largely reaping the fruit of the company’s popularity in the country. In addition, China is the largest market for electric vehicles in the world and American The firm is also the top selling company in the electric vehicle market.

First held talks with the Chinese government in the summer of 2017 Tesla, The Asian market has long seen the target. In addition, Beijing relaxed its rules as much as possible for the company to enter the market. GM and Ford Major manufacturers such as, are forced to produce cars under joint venture rules.

About the subject Tesla There was no comment from the front. But WSJ’ı led to an earlier statement about data collection. Company statement, “Tesla’s privacy protection policy China Complies with laws and regulations. Tesla, “It attaches great importance to protecting the privacy of users.” Also for the firm vehicle, all of the cameras in China Tesla It was stated that it was not opened for vehicles.

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