19 April 2021
The award that put Xiaomi on the US black list

The award that put Xiaomi on the US black list

US Government headed by Donald Trump, Chinese 9 companies with Xiaomi Blacklisted in January. Government officials claimed Xiaomi was linked to the Chinese military, while the Chinese company denied the allegations and filed a lawsuit against the government. The Wall Street Journal newspaper, US Department of Defense shared the details of the case file prepared by. In the file, given by the Chinese Government to Xiaomi CEO “Service award” It was stated that it was among the sanction reasons.

Striking Xiaomi detail in the file

According to the information obtained, Xiaomi CEO and founder Lei JunBy the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China in 2019. “Architect of China’s Extraordinary Socialism” received the award. The award, which was given to 100 Chinese executives the same year, entered Xiaomi’s annual reports and CEO Lei Jun’s biography page.

Donald Trump Government blacklisted Xiaomi.

In the file, Citing this award by the CEO, It was noteworthy that Xiaomi was linked to the Chinese army. On the other hand, it was stated that the company posed a threat to the national security of the USA and was blacklisted. In the file prepared by the Ministry, Xiaomi’s 5G and and artificial intelligence It was emphasized that they invested in advanced technologies such as

What does it mean for Xiaomi to be blacklisted?

First of all, let’s point out that Xiaomi is not subject to heavy sanctions as Huawei. USA to companies added to the Asset List Like a google ban It imposes severe sanctions. There is no Xiaomi in this list of Huawei.

The US has banned investors in the country from investing in Xiaomi. The decision will hinder the financial growth of the company. However, it will not prevent Xiaomi from cooperating with US companies.

Xiaomi previously made the following statement on the subject:

Our company carries out its activities in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the regions where it operates. It offers products and services purely for individual and commercial use. Our company does not belong to the Chinese army and does not have any ties with the Chinese army. It is not a “Communist Chinese Military Corporation” as stated in the NDAA. All necessary measures will be taken by us to protect the interests of our company and our shareholders.

Our company continues its detailed investigations in order to evaluate the effects of the possible consequences of this process on the group.

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