19 April 2021
The best shavers: Here are models under 500 TL

The best shavers: Here are models under 500 TL

There are many shavers in the market with different features and different prices. In particular, we can say that there are more affordable products. The richness of options also brings confusion. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best shavers under 500 TL for you.

In addition, there are some features that you should pay attention to in the device you will buy for shaving. We explained the details of this issue in our article.

Things to consider when buying a shaver

First of all, it is necessary to look at the structure of the shavers. When we look at the structures of the machines, there are two different options that stand out. The first is fixed, the second is the movable head.

The biggest advantage of the movable head devices is that they provide ‘fly recording’ shaving. Therefore, in this criterion, you must make a choice according to your needs. In this context, the best shavers are the one that suits your style.

Best shavers under 500 TL

On the other hand, we should also check whether the device is battery powered or charged. Consumer preference stands out in this criterion. There are no clear advantages or disadvantages to batteries or charging. However, the lifetime of charged machines is also among the selection criteria.

As with many technological devices, ‘water contact’ can be a problem in shavers. However, some machines provide both wet and dry use. Especially swing razors should be able to be used when wet, as the cine slide is aimed at shaving.

Besides all these; Other factors such as the number of additional heads, carrying case, and the design of the device should also be evaluated at the stage of preference.

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Best shavers under 500 TL

In the list we prepared for you; We made sure that the products are both affordable and useful. Let’s start with Philips S1121 / 41 Aqua Touch to look at the machines we have brought together in this context.

Philips S1121/41 Aqua Touch

The first product of our high school is the Philips S1121 / 41 Aqu Touch with a ‘movable head’ structure. Providing both wet and dry shaving, the machine is suitable for ‘fly recording’ cuts. In addition, the skin protection system in the device aims to prevent irritation.

Shavers under 500 TL

On the other hand, the device provides 40 minutes of use with a full charge. The machine does not shave during charging.

Braun SK 3000

People who want to cut a beard in different ways need a variety of additional attachments. In this context, Braun’s shaver is suitable for different styles. The device, which comes with three different combs for 1 mm, 2 mm and 3-11 mm lengths, is in our list of the best shavers under 500 TL.

When it comes to charging, the machine offers 35 minutes of use. The time required for full filling is 10 hours. In addition, the device is only suitable for dry use.

Goldmaster Janti GM-7141

Rich in additional heads, the shaver also stands out with its charging performance. First of all, let’s say that Goldmaster’s machine comes with 9 additional titles. On the charging side, the device reaches full filling in 2 hours and has a usage time of 120 minutes.

The machine is not water resistant. The device is suitable for dry use only.

Philips OneBlade QP2525 / 20

OneBlade is one of the products that offer both wet and dry use in our list of the best shavers under 500 TL. In addition, the device provides the opportunity to cut beards in different sizes with its three additional heads.

The machine, which is fully charged in 8 hours, has a lifetime of 45 minutes.

There are also alternative products on our list that are not included in our news. You can see and review these products from the link below. You can also learn the price information of the devices.

You can click here to view and purchase all recommended products.

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