28 July 2021
The best televisions: Here are models under 6,000 TL

The best televisions: Here are models under 6,000 TL

We are here with a compilation of the best televisions under 6.000 TL. We have brought together devices with high-end features and far from astronomical prices. We have also explained the prominent features of the products we have listed.

On the other hand, we also stated what should be considered when buying a TV. It is useful to take a look at these criteria before making a purchasing decision.

What should be considered when buying a TV?

As in every product group, it is imperative to first determine the need correctly when buying a television. In this context, the point you need to evaluate the size of the product will be one of the most important points. You should decide the screen size of the television according to the size of the room in which you will use the device.

We included 49 and 50 inch devices in our list of the best televisions below 6,000 TL. However, most of the products have different screen size options.

On the other hand, ‘resolution’ is one of the important criteria for television selection. The devices on our list are 4K. It is useful not to go below 4K resolutions, especially for large screen products.

The best televisions

Let’s talk briefly about what resolution is. This term refers to the ‘number of pixels’ that make up the image on the screen. As the number of pixels increases, clearer images appear.

The prominent point of smart televisions is software. Especially if you want to use popular content platforms such as BluTV, Netflix and Amazon, you need to buy compatible devices.

In addition, connection types and entries are also important to consume different content. For example, products with HDMI inputs will be a convenient way for you to connect a different device to the TV.

Best televisions under 6.000 TL

The products on our list start from 3,899 TL and go up to 6,000 TL band. Let’s take a closer look at the devices if you wish.

1 – Sony KD-49X7055 49 ”

The 49-inch screen television with 4K resolution comes up with HDR10 support. In addition, Sony’s product comes with a 50 Hz screen refresh. In addition, on the TV with TILUMINOS technology, we see a wide color palette thanks to Live Color.

One of the features we look for the most in smart TVs is access to content platforms. In the product; Netflix, YouTube and Amazon can be used.

Sony KD-49X7055 49 ”

When we look at the input-output ports of the television with Wi-Fi technology; It has 3 HDMI inputs, 3 USB ports, 1 headphone output and 1 Ethernet jack.

When you want to play games with HDMI connection, the device gives 4K 60 Hz performance.

Product from here you can buy it.

2 – LG 49UN71006LB 49’’

LG’s device, which was pulled from the smartphone market but attracted attention with its products in the smart television market, has a resolution of 4K. In addition, the television, thanks to its quad-core 4K processor; It reduces the blurriness in the image, creates more dynamic color and high contrast.

With the television that comes with the WebOS operating system; You can access a large number of content with the Netflix, Apple TV and Amzon Prime Video apps.

LG 49UN71006LB 49’’

On the other hand, the brand draws attention to the sound performance of the device. The company states that the sound experience will make you feel the atmosphere with two Ultra Surround compatible LG Bluetooth speakers.

When you want to play games on the product in our list of the best TVs, you will encounter 4K resolution and 60 Hz refresh rate.

In the product with Wi-Fi technology; There are two USB and 3 HDMI inputs. In addition, Ethernet cable input is located on the device.

Product from here you can buy it.

3 – Philips 50PUS8505 50’’

Philips’ smart televisions stand out with ambilight. The 4K resolution model also has ambilight technology. The technology that reflects the colors in the image to the wall with the LEDs on the back makes the screen feel as if it is larger than it is.

In addition, the device enriches the viewing experience with Dolby Vision and Dobly Atmos. Dolby sound technologies also make the movie, music and game events of the product more interesting.

The best televisions

Philips 50PUS8505 50’’

On the other hand, the TV’s Android operating system and built-in Google assistant support stand out. In the product you can control with voice; You can access platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. You can also connect game consoles and media players to the TV with HDMI, USB and Wi-Fi connections.

Product from here you can buy it.

4 – Vestel 50U9500 50 ”

Vestel’s TV is the most affordable member of our list. The device with 4K resolution offers high image quality with Dolby Vision dynamic format. In addition, with this technology, the product has a brightness level of 1,000 nits.

In the smart TV, as in the other devices in our list of the best TVs; You can consume content from channels such as Netflix.

Vestel 50U9500 50 ”

Besides the built-in Wi-Fi technology; With the Bluetooth and USB port, you can connect to the TV from different devices.

Product from here you can buy it.

5 – Samsung QE50Q60T 50’’

Popular with its display panels, Samsung created a different segment in televisions with its QLED technology. The product on our list has the QLED system and 4K resolution.

Technology called QLED; It gives brighter colors and more intense black than other LED TVs.

On the other hand, the 4-core Quantum processor in the device optimizes the high contrast ratio and provides HDR images.

The best televisions

Samsung QE50Q60T 50’’

Smart television; Netflix meets consumers with its Amazon Prime and Apple TV applications. There is also a Bixby voice assistant on the device.

In the device with Wi-Fi connection; There are 3 HDMI and 2 USB inputs.

In addition to these products whose features we have explained, there are 3 different alternatives in our list of the best televisions below 6,000 TL. You can access these devices from the link we mentioned.

You can see all the products on our list from this link.

6 – LG 49NANO816NA 49 ”

7 – Samsung 50TU7000 50’’

8 – Toshiba 49V6863 49’’

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