28 July 2021
The controversial experiment: human-monkey mixed embryo

The controversial experiment: human-monkey mixed embryo

scientists human and monkey cells He created the first embryos made from the mixture. Alejandro De Los Angeles, a stem cell biologist at Yale University, considered this development a turning point in the areas of stem cell and inter-species chimeras. The findings suggested that cells from one species could adapt to survive in the embryo of another. In summary, the researchers, organ transplant took a big step to bring his needs to the laboratory.

Human-ape hybrid embryos spark controversy

Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, a developmental biologist from the Salk Institute for Biological Research, and his colleagues in 2017, human stem cells to pig embryos injected. After embryos develop in surrogate pigs for 3 to 4 weeks, their cells are only about one in 100 thousand he carried human genetics.

Human skin cells reprogrammed into stem cells were used in the experiment on pigs. In the new study, professors from Kunming University of Science and Technology say that the cell is closer to human genetics in terms of cells. cynomolgus monkeys conducted tests on it.

Placing 25 human EPS cells in each of 132 monkey embryos, the scientists grew the chimeras in special containers for 20 days. The world famous science magazine today CellPublishing an article in, the team reported that human cells show permanent power. As a result of the experiment, 13 days then chimeras approx. one third was alive.

Human-ape hybrid

on the other hand human-ape hybrid embryos it raises concern to some scientists. Because they think that with these studies, human nerve cells can enter the brains of animals and change their mental abilities. Also ethically, this issue is highly debated.

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