30 July 2021
The countdown has begun for the Snapdragon 888 Plus processor

The countdown has begun for the Snapdragon 888 Plus processor

USA based chip manufacturer Qualcommhas begun preparations for the next flagship chipset. Finally we come across Snapdragon 888 and Snapdragon 870 The producer who came out with Snapdragon 888 Plus rolled up his sleeves for the chipset. According to the information received, this chipset is currently being tested. So what are the features of Qualcomm’s new processor?

Digital Chat Station (Digital Chat Station), Snapdragon 888 Plus revealed the first information about. Accordingly, Qualcomm’s new flagship chipset; It will be introduced in the third quarter and will have some CPU improvements.

Snapdragon 888 Plus will arrive in the third quarter

Qualcomm, Snapdragon 855 from chipsets “PlusStarted to develop versions as well. The manufacturer first released the Snapdragon 855, and then the improved version of this processor, the Snapdragon 855 Plus.

After that, Snapdragon 8 series processors are constantly “Plus”Started to come with versions. for example Snapdragon 865 chipset too Snapdragon 865 Plus came with. Now, a similar situation will occur in Snapdragon 888. According to reports Qualcomm in the coming months Snapdragon 888 Plus It will appear with its processor. This processor will be a more advanced version of the current Snapdragon 888.

Snapdragon 888 Pro

Snapdragon 888 Pro to power new flagship phones

Based on the previous Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 865 Plus, it is possible to guess what features the Snapdragon 888 Plus will come with. In this context, Qualcomm’s new flagship chipset will have some improvements over Snapdragon 888. This chipset, which is expected to be based on a 5nm process process; It will be better than Snapdragon 888 in terms of CPU and overall performance. Snapdragon 888, which currently offers good performance, will be much better with its new version.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be powered by the new processor

Smartphone manufacturers are preparing to launch their new devices. Among these companies Samsung, new foldable phone coming soon Galaxy Z Fold 3 will introduce the model. This phone, which is expected to have high-end features, will allegedly come with a new version of Snapdragon 888. In addition, we anticipate that other manufacturers will also bring Snapdragon 888 Plus to their new smartphones.

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