30 July 2021
The Day Before new gameplay trailer released

The Day Before new gameplay trailer released

A 10-minute gameplay trailer has been released for The Day Before. The game is an open world survival genre and we can explore this open world with vehicles. The Day Before often DayZ, The Last of Us and The Divisionand the game will be multiplayer. Posted in In the 10 minute trailer We can also see the vehicle and repair mechanics.

The Day Before will debut in the second quarter of 2021

A countryside greets us in the trailer of the game. By car we are passing by a lake. Meanwhile, vehicle mechanics are shown to us. While crossing the path from the main road, the left tires of the vehicle that the character is in explode. Meanwhile, they are standing in front of a gas station.

After neutralizing the zombies attacking them, our character starts looting the gas station. Then he goes out and fixes the tires on the vehicle. Bottom left of the screen temperature, energy and thirst include indicators. When you are in the vehicle, you can see the gasoline indicator in the lower right corner.

After the characters progress, they see a farmhouse ahead. Our character, who wants to loot his farmhouse, coincides with a security alarm inside. Although the password of the security alarm is faintly visible on the keys, it cannot find the correct combination and the alarm starts to ring.

The Day Before new gameplay trailer

Zombies rush to the house because of the alarm ringing. Our characters, who neutralize the zombies, hear sirens from the outside. Siren sounds come from police cars where other players are in. The Day Before With its multiplayer structure, it is a game that will require you to be careful against both zombies and other players.

The Day Before in the second quarter of 2021 For pc It will exit on Steam.

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