4 August 2021
The domestic missile engine broke the world record!

The domestic missile engine broke the world record!

Turkey’s first domestic medium-range anti-ship missile Turbojet engine developed in parallel with TJ300 He broke the world record in his class during the tests. The good news was announced by the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank on his Twitter account.

Mustafa Varank“Developed with the support of TUBITAK, Turkey’s first Medium Range Missile Engine TEI-TJ300, class of 1342, reaching 240mm in diameter with a thrust broke the world record. TEI-TJ300; It can be applied to air, naval and land defense systems. ” said.

LINDENThe development process continues in Eski┼čehir facilities. TJ300 turbojet motoruIt was first fired in February 2020 and worked successfully. It was already ahead of other engines in the world with its 240 mm diameter performance. While 1300 Newton thrust is targeted in the engine whose tests are continuing 1342 Newton It seems that the impulse has been reached.

The engine is needed as much as the anti-ship missile.

and long-range anti-ship missile developed by a greater Turkey HAWKIt was announced that will enter the inventory this year. To fill the gap for smaller sea targets up to mid-range medium range anti-ship missile The (not yet named) project was launched in 2017. It is developed completely locally with its engine and information is given about the test processes from time to time.

Anti-ship missilesused to hit ships. They fly too close to the sea surface to avoid being caught by sea radar. They go to the target by licking the sea. This figure has decreased to a few meters in the new generation missiles.

While flying close to the sea provides the advantage of invisibility, the air-breathing engine should run smoothly under these conditions. Since the diameters of these missiles are also small, high thrust engine development is one of the main challenges. In short, impulse is the most important parameter and according to the information TJ300 things are going well for him.

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