18 April 2021
The expected announcement for the Xiaomi Mi Mix series has officially arrived

The expected announcement for the Xiaomi Mi Mix series has officially arrived

No one knows how well Xiaomi is doing in the smartphone market. The company, which has gained a wide audience with its price performance and flagship devices, is its main trump card. Xiaomi Mi Mix plays with the series. So when are the smart phone models that users observe their way around? The official statement has finally arrived!

Xiaomi Mi Mix series returns

Having a unique design Xiaomi Mi Mix series, according to the statement released today 29 Mart will be back on. As it is known, we haven’t seen any phone belonging to the series from 2018. Even with a new concept Mix AlphaIf we don’t count the last Mi Mix 3 we met the model.

Xiaomi Mi Mix serisi

Xiaomi has officially confirmed the return of the Mix series.

After a long hiatus, a new Mix serisi Planning to present a phone, Xiaomi announced that the highly anticipated model will be introduced next week. While there are uncertainties about the name of the device for now; its Mix Fold There are also claims that it will happen. So what do we know about features?

Features expected from the new Mi Mix

New generation Xiaomi Me Mix We came across a lot of information about the series before. In this context, the company’s newest flagship model; Snapdragon 888 It will be powered by the chipset. In addition to the processor, the device LPDDR5 RAM and Note UFS 3.1 will also be supported.

On the other hand, 2021 model in Mi Mix 8.03 and 6.38 inch dual screen configuration will be included. Of these, 8.03 will be preferred as the primary screen, while 6.38 inches will be preferred as the secondary screen. Also as a design Galaxy Z Fold2It is expected to be inspired by.

We will not only be introducing the new Mix series early next week. In addition, the newest members of the Mi 11 series, We 11 Dec, Mi 11 Ultra and Mi 11 Lite models will also come on the same date. All these devices Monday, March 29 It will be introduced to consumers at Xiaomi’s expected launch. Specifications and prices will be officially confirmed for the first time.

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