21 April 2021
The famous theater play is adapted to the series in GAIN

The famous theater play is adapted to the series in GAIN

Semaver Company staged by the community for years Method theater play named now GAIN sequence is becoming. In the director and lead role of the series, İsmail Abi of Leyla and Mecnun Serkan Keskin has.

Gain, a domestic content platform focused on short videos, continues to produce original content. Until now 10 Thousand Steps, Therapist and My Ex Love The platform, which broadcasts series such as, has rolled up its sleeves for a brand new production. Jordi Galceran written in 2003 by Method game It has been adapted to the mini-series format. The play, performed by Serkan Keskin and her team for many years, is being broadcast on the theater stage with the same team.

The first trailer from the Method series released

The Semaver Kumpanya team with the method game 8 seasons remained on the stage. In total Over 200 performances was shown. Psychological tension The themed game is now recreated in the series version. To the director’s chair, just like in the game. Serkan Keskin sat down. At the same time, this is Keskin’s first behind-the-scenes directing experience happened. First from anticipated construction fragment Shared by GAIN:

Method series is quite ambitious about the cast. Sharing the same stage for years Mustafa Kırantepe, Steep Aydınoğlu, Sebnem Hassanisoughi and Serkan Keskin met again. Experienced stars pass in one place in a four-part miniseries he is assigned.

Subject of the method series

The subject of the Method series is quite interesting. A production telling about the problems of the corporate world in a company’s meeting room passing. Four people who come to the job interview are subjected to various tests full of secrets in order to get the job by showing all their skills. The feeling of psychological tension seems to haunt us for even a moment throughout the story!

Method sequence

When will the first part of the Method be published?

According to the information that Gain explained Method sequence It will be published in 4 episodes. Every part of my production about 15 minutes will be in length. Can be finished in one sitting the entire series in about 1 hour will correspond. Unfortunately, the publication date of the project is unclear for now. But it is estimated that the first episode will come to the screens in the coming weeks.

But what are your expectations about this series according to the first details? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us!

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