30 July 2021
The first in Turkey: Crypto money account haczedildi

The first in Turkey: Crypto money account haczedildi

Who posted on Twitter Lawyer T. Kerem Bilen, In Turkey the first cryptocurrency foreclosure announced that it happened. The said account confiscated by sharing BTCTurkIt takes place in. The lawyer, who sent an e-mail to the exchange in question, shared the first information from his account.

BTCTurk mailed to lawyer for crypto money foreclosure

Lawyer T. Kerem Bilen, Who gave information to the first crypto money foreclosure process takes place in Turkey. According to the share he made by the lawyer, crypto money accounts were also subject to foreclosure.

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Statement sent to the user by BTCTurk

Kerem Bilen, on the subject BTCTurkHe also mailed to. The lawyer is next to the reply to the mail BTCTurk also shared the message sent by the user. Lawyer Kerem Bilen In his statement on the legal basis of the issue:

“Within the scope of official letters, which are generally considered as warrants, legal requests are met, and within the scope of the official letters received by us for the issuance of attachment annotation or the imposition of a measure, in accordance with the law, the Turkish lira and any kind of crypto money held by BtcTurk can be committed or a measure can be imposed.” gave place to his statements.

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In his lawyer sharing, he also included the mail from BTCTürk

crypto currency in Turkey

Cryptocurrencies came back to the agenda in mid-2020 with the movement of Bitcoin. Bitcoin, Ethereum With important cryptocurrencies such as breaking records, Turkish users also to cryptocurrencies started to show great interest.

Readily in Turkey to cryptocurrencies There is no legal regulation for it. However, the expectations are that the government will make a regulation on digital currencies towards the end of the year. Again in the past weeks, the Ministry of Finance from crypto money exchanges It turned out that he had requested the account information. However, the ministry later announced that this was a routine procedure.

After gaining huge momentum in Turkey crypto currency trading, tax rumors also went pretty wild. Although there is no concrete evidence regarding tax studies so far, it is thought that the government is working in this direction.

This foreclosure crypto money Whether it will affect the market negatively is a matter of curiosity. In Turkey BTCTürk, paribus Provides opportunities for cryptocurrency exchange. Again, one of the largest crypto money exchanges in the world Binance‘S also has an office in Turkey. It also has a special application for Binance Turkey.

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