21 April 2021
The first leak from Motorola's surprise smartwatch

The first leak from Motorola’s surprise smartwatch

Announcing its new wearable technology products last week MotorolaIn 2021, four smart watch He had announced that he would launch it. Neglected for a while Motorcycle brand smartwatch Stating that they will work harder for their devices, the company Wear OS While announcing his device with various images, he finally mentioned an anonymous device.

in June Moto G SmartwatchOn July Againsto Watch and Moto One Preparing to launch its smart watches Motorola; At the same time, it will introduce another surprise model to consumers in 2021. Details about the model, which is kept like a secret, are very limited. But still, some internet users went after the expected device. The features of the watch were revealed in this way!

Mysterious Motorola smartwatch discovered on Reddit

Google Wear OS operating system supported smart watch, which is expected to be the successor of Moto 360, Reddit It has been examined in detail by its users. As a result of the struggles made to the poor quality preview photo shared by Motorola; In the middle of the device, the processor and some technical features were revealed.

Motorola smart watch

Motorola smart watch

Latest smartwatch chipset developed by Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100appeared written on the device in question. He has seen the same processor before in TicWatch Pro 3; We met positive opinions due to both battery health and high performance. Therefore, in terms of speed and efficiency, the new Motorola smartwatch already seems to have received a plus point.

Besides the Wear 4100 chipset GPS and NFC the device that will include support; separately 5ATM It also drew attention with its waterproof rating.

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