18 April 2021
The first phone that will work with HarmonyOS has been announced

The first phone that will work with HarmonyOS has been announced

Huawei self-developed operating system HarmonyOS in the testing process for to the final stage passing. Subsequently, the company will introduce the new operating system. If before launch HarmonyOS with first phone to work appeared.

The first phone to come with the brand’s own operating system would be the P50 series, according to leaks. However, the new information that emerged changed the situation.

Mate X2 will be the first phone to work with HarmonyOS

Huawei’s foldable phone Mate X2will use the brand’s own operating system. In the present case Android 10 device working with, update will switch to HarmonyOS with. In addition, the leak that revealed this information signaled the near time for the announcement of the operating system.

The first phone to work with HarmonyOS

31 March son beta With the update, Huawei is entering the final level. According to the leak Huawei, HarmonyOS’i Engagement will introduce in the month. After the introduction, this operating system may come to Huawei’s other models after the Mate X2.

It should be noted that the first phone model that will work HarmonyOS Mate X2 is not sold in our country.

Huawei Mate X2 specifications

Mate X2 inside 2480 x 2200 with resolution 8 inch to the screen, if it is on the outside 2700 x 1160 with resolution 6.45 inch welcomes us with a screen. also YOU ARE both screens with technology 90 Hz it took its place on the shelves with its screen refresh rate.

The foldable phone with a carbon fiber case has a robust yet light structure. Based on Android 10 EMUI 11.0but the device will switch to HarmonyOS from April.

Your strength Kirin 9000 Huawei’s state-of-the-art technology from the chipset, 8GB RAM and 4.400 mAh It comes with battery capacity. In addition, the device stands out with its fast charging up to 55W.

New phone Leica It completes its design with a quad camera array. Rear camera system of the device 50 megapixels a wide angle main camera, 3x optics zoom in 12 megapixels telephoto camera and 10x optics 8 megapixels with zoom “SuperZoom”Has the characteristics.

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