23 July 2021
The first trailer for the movie Space Jam 2 has arrived

The first trailer for the movie Space Jam 2 has arrived

Over the first Space Jam movie 25 years passed. The movie was highly appreciated when it first came out. NBA player in the lead role in the first movie Michael Jordan played. It has been talked about which NBA player will be played in the Space Jam 2 movie for a long time. Among the spoken names LeBron James were located. Over the past few months, it has been revealed that this person is LeBron James. At the beginning of the trailer, LeBron argues with his son. Events begin after the elevator in a building they went to stopped at the wrong floor. In a room with servers LeBron‘s son teleports strangely and disappears. After his son disappears, James follows after him.

Space Jam 2 will be released in July

Where they are teleported “Server UniverseIt is called ”. As LeBron first entered the server universe, we see references to some TV series and movies. In the server universe, references are made in the form of the world. The world we first saw Game of Thronesbelongs to. In the second world, a person on a bicycle comes out of the storm.

Although not fully understood in the video E.T. It is stated to be a reference to his movie. The person who controls the server universe LeBronHe tells him to play basketball with him and win if he wants to save his son. The person who controls the server universe PeteHe tells him to lower the arm. From here LeBronWrites the universes that will be sent. First on the screen Orbit City, Neptune and Hogwarts looks.

Space Jam 2

After Pete lowered the handle Redrock, Saturn, Emerald City and Mars looks. Some of these names are planets in the solar system, while others are locations in movies or games. LeBron‘a ise Tune World coming out. Towards the end of the trailer, we can see popular characters in movies and TV shows.

Space Jam 2 will air on HBO Max and in theaters on July 16, 2021.

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