21 April 2021
The hearing aid that increases the hearing ability is coming

The hearing aid that increases the hearing ability is coming

No one does not watch superhero movies. Even after watching, I can hear you say I wish I had such super powers. However, with the help of technology, you can acquire superpowers that you cannot have with unnatural means such as spider bites.

One of Alphabet’s experimental initiatives, X-Labis working on a technology that boosts the hearing ability of people. “WolverineThis project, named ” by filtering the surrounding noise sourceswill allow him to focus on a single point.

X-Lab announces that they are coming towards the end of the project

Thanks to the sound engine inside, it is possible to focus on a single point by isolating the noise.

The “Wolverine” project that X-Lab is working on is actually a hearing aid with advanced technology. This device is sound separation engine Thanks to it, it will provide serious convenience to humanity in many areas. Imagine you are in a crowded environment and everyone is talking. However, you only want to focus on one person and listen to that person. Thanks to this device, other sounds will be isolated, you will only hear the voice of the person you want to focus on.

X-Lab, which cooperates with companies producing hearing aids such as Starkey Hearing Technologies and Eargo, the project He announced that they were coming towards the end. The company has completed the technology of the “Wolverine” project. However, on the device large number of microphones and sensors The company, which has problems with size due to the new versions of the project, downsizing the device succeeded.

X-Lab announced that “Wolverine” technology was the first to be used by people with hearing difficulties. However, the company stated that they will not focus on a single area and that the technology will be versatile. If the company can successfully complete the “Wolverine” project, we can start using hearing aids that significantly increase the ability to hear.

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