31 July 2021
The most downloaded applications of March have been announced

The most downloaded applications of March have been announced

Market research company SensorTowerAnnounced the most downloaded mobile apps worldwide in March 2021. Short video application accordingly TikTok while taking the first place in the list; Josh and Mine Similar platforms such as, drew attention with their rapid rise.

Another highlight of the list is social communication platforms. During the pandemic period, when many people around the world go into voluntary quarantine at home Zoom applications such as came to the fore. WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram Like messaging networks have also grown in popularity.

While TikTok was not surprised again, Facebook almost took over the list

According to SensorTower data, it is in the non-game applications category More than 58 million by the number of downloads TikTok sitting in the leadership seat. Users of the platform 11 percent at the rate of In china while found; 10 per cent with him United States of America is following. Turkey It is in the first steps among the countries that download TikTok the most.


TikTok became the most downloaded app of March 2021.

The second most loaded mobile application of the past month Facebook. The company is in this period More than 56 million received a download. It’s about 25 percent but only From india came. Three Facebook applications completed the first five of the list. Respectively Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger became one of the popular applications.

If it’s on the continuation of the list Snapchat, Josh, Zoom, Telegram While taking place, a surprise name draws attention in the last place. CapCut The mobile video editing application named named as the mobile video editing application finds itself in the 10th place, leaving behind its giant competitors. For a complete look at the list, you can view the chart below:

SensorTower March 2021 applications

SensorTower reports From March 1 to March 31, 2021 between App Store and Google Play StoreWhile containing the data in; pre-installed apps are not included in the list. First downloads only. on the other hand Facebook and Facebook Lite Applications with alternative versions such as are considered singular.

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