19 April 2021
The most electronic waste generating countries have been announced

The most electronic waste generating countries have been announced

A lot in every home nowadays technological device has. Although some devices work for a long time, some devices; becomes unusable after a while and now appears as waste.

Most electronic waste in the world China Although it produces; Statista per person served by electronic waste to producing countries; When we look at it, Norway is in the front row.

The countries that produce the most electronic waste have been determined

Electronic devices As it becomes more and more prevalent in the world around us, the amount of waste these devices generate once they are disposed of is also increasing. Approximately every year 53,6 million tons of waste production and countries other than some countries have a much higher share of this waste than others.

Produced electronic the amount of waste in about ten years Increased by 21%. The country that produces the most electronic waste globally; last year about 10.1 million tons producing is China. However, this figure alone is a bit deceiving because China is the world’s most populous country.


Chinese are about per capita per year 7,2 kilogram generates electronic waste. When we look at the per capita electronic waste in the graph; This means that the average person generates about 26 kilograms of electronic waste. Norway much less than countries like.

Europe and Nordic countriesthe vast majority of per capita From 20 kilograms it produces too much waste. This means that these countries also have a large share in the production of these wastes.

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