1 August 2021
The most used emoji on Twitter have been determined

The most used emoji on Twitter have been determined

Emojis first 1990in the ‘s Japanese started to be used by. When included in smartphones, users feel their emotions; It started using emojis instead of messages, and it has become much more popular.

Emojis differ for each application or operating system. on iOS platform memojiler while taking part in Snapchat bitmojis has. According to the latest information announced, the most used emoji on Twitter has changed hands.

The most used emoji on Twitter: Crying face

Emojis smiley emoji (😂) with tears, since it became popular; It was a big favorite across all platforms and applications. EmojipediaCrying emoji (😭) now ranks first, according to the monthly report presented by

Although the result looks shocking; When we look at the chart in more detail, it actually your crying emojiHowever, it has been used for a long time; in tears that hardly hit the number 1 smiley emoji It shows the first period of time it has passed. The data collected is for emoji crying loudly; It even shows the moment when it reached the top position with such a big difference from other emojis.


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