23 July 2021
The most valuable company in the world, Apple is 45 years old

The most valuable company in the world, Apple is 45 years old

Apple, which we know mostly with its smart phones today, is exactly 45 years old today. On April 1, 1976 Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak ve Ronald Wayne The adventure of the company, founded by the company in the USA, began in Jobs’ family garage. Everything in 1976 Steve Jobswith two close friends of Apple-1 appeared with the development of the computer named.

The three friends used their products, one of the first examples of personal computers, Homebrew Computer Club. Apple-1 computer called investor Mike Markkulacaught the attention of. So the story of the world’s largest company began.

It all started with Apple-1

Behind the first PC acclaim 250 thousand dollars Apple, which received investment, took the first step towards incorporation. However, two previous unsuccessful attempts Ronald Wayne was afraid of failure again, and after the investment, he increased his shares of more than one hundred billion dollars to 800 dollars. Jobs and Wozniak’a sold.

After a year passed, Apple-2’yi The company that launched it on the market has achieved much greater success with this product. Apple-2with the release of Apple, per year from computer sales 117 million dollars started to generate income. Following the success achieved, the company continued to grow and expand its product portfolio. Between 1980 and 85 companies, Lisa and Macintosh It was re-released with two different computers named. However, the high price and insufficient software support led these products to fail. Right behind this failure Steve Jobs, accused by the company management Applewas removed from.


The years of decline and the return home

Apple Steve Jobs’un After his departure, he was not very successful. Company 1986 and 1997 It launched many products between the years. These products included new Macintosh computers, game consoles, and digital cameras. However, almost none of the products achieved the expected success, causing the company to suffer financially. In this period Apple, from bankruptcy Microsoft thanks to the investments it has received from its competitors.

Wind, Steve Jobs’un reversed with the re-incorporation of the company. On August 15, 1998 Apple, new computer iMac’i introduced. The product, which has achieved a great sales success, continues to exist even today. Immediately after, the company continued to rise, thanks to innovative ideas such as the digital ordering system. The company, which changed the listening and buying habits of music with the iPod after the momentum it caught, then became the dominant world. iPhone’u introduced.


iPhone The company that revolutionized the telephone world with its App Store supported its success with software products such as. Steve JobsContinuing his vision after the death of Apple, today it is the most valuable company in the world.

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