1 August 2021
The new 'Collection Challenge' begins in Pokemon Go

The new ‘Collection Challenge’ begins in Pokemon Go

Spring Into Spring As part of the event, a new “Collection Challenge” starting. As in previous challenges, in this event, you can catch a specific Pokemon in a limited time, a special medal and allows you to win many other rewards if you can complete the challenge.

Spring Into Spring In keeping with the motif of the event, the Pokemon you need to catch for this Collection Challenge stand out with spring themes. You will need to catch a total of 10 monsters to complete the challenge. Fortunately, most of them will show up quite often during the event so it’s not thought to be too much of an issue. You can see the full list of Pokemon to catch and where to find them in the game below.

Pokemon Go craze will rise again this month

The Spring Collection Competition will run until April 8 and will give you just a few more days to complete. Gamers who manage to finish the fight before the time runs out, Lucky Egg, 50 Lopunny Mega Energy and 2.500 XPBesides, you will receive a number of beautiful awards including a medal commemorating your success.

Complete list of Pokemon to catch and their locations

You can view all the Pokemon you have left to capture by tapping the Research icon in the lower right corner of the screen and opening the Today tab.

This month Pokemon GoThat’s not all that happened in ‘. Niantic, 11 Apriland featuring Snivy April Community Day will organize various events over the next few weeks, including. Rivals Week activity too 13 Aprilwill start in and new Field Research tasks and awards will be released this month.

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