30 July 2021
The new iPad Pro is on the agenda with a production problem

The new iPad Pro is on the agenda with a production problem

Apple’s new Macbook models with M1X processors this year iPad Pro with mini-LED display and the highly anticipated new devices such as the iPhone 13 series. While it is planned to switch to the mini-LED screen in computers after the iPad, it is stated that there are problems on the production side.

Bloomberg announced that things are not going well in the production of mini LED screens to be used in the iPad Pro. Due to the low production efficiency, when the device is introduced, it may take time to enter the stocks / put up for sale.

Mini LED claims for the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro

It is currently unknown how Apple will follow in promoting the new iPads. Although some sources claim that there will be an online event, it is highly likely to be promoted directly through a press release.

The reason for this is both 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro to be introduced within this month. There is no official announcement from Apple about the device’s launch date, but almost all sources point to April.

With a mini LED display and high speed Thunderbolt connection, the new ‘iPad Pro’ models M1-like performance and Apple A14X processor expected to have.

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